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22 août 2014 5 22 /08 /août /2014 10:37

Why do people always feel the need to brag about something great they've done ?

Sharing, commenting, spreading the word.
As if the point of their doing is more about telling the world they did it instead of doing it quietly, with pure kindness of heart and wisdom.
Feeling the reward only by the judgment of other people and not only with self-satisfaction to see that you did something you think is right and good, or the smile on the faces of the people you helped.

Maybe that's the teacher in me thinking that. Parents are less and less preoccupied by the job we do. Where do we find satisfaction if not in our pupils success?

Lately my facebook feed is flooded by things like the Ice Bucket challenge or my dear colleagues in the UK congratulating their successful students.
For me, only one of these two things should be shown and rewarded. They're simply not looking for us to think they did a good job teaching the kids, they're just happy they succeeded! How fantastic! Instead of these rich people in need of some survival recognition by the entire mediatic world. Yes, I saw George Bush under a buck a water... Just to be able to tell the world that he's gonna just like everyone else, donate for research. But then, tell me one thing, who has an organ donor's card in their wallet? Who donates blood regularly ? Out of all of these celebrities...

This paper is not only about what my facebook feed is showing me nowadays. Just think deeper into the words I've used up above: "reward" "judgement" "self-satisfaction" "telling the world".

Words of wisdom are seldom forgotten. No need to shout it all out, a whisper is soft to the ears.

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