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13 décembre 2016 2 13 /12 /décembre /2016 23:39

Fuck all this bullshit.

Stepping up.

Can't stand this madness.

Fuck it, people! What have we done? What are we doing? Can we stop with the bullshit very soon?

Why, world? Why do people feel the need to make shitty decisions that impact on other people's lives?
Why should we suffer for your own stupidity?
Can't you just shut the hell up? Can't you just get on with your own fucking depressing lives of emptiness without making everyone miserable at the same time?

Make your own fucking shitty decisions only for yourself. Don't share them with the entire fucking world. Leave our world out of your bullshit. Stop creating an infuriating madness that you have no idea how to control and how to get rid of.
I hate your fucking guts. You bloody shitty nut crackers. What's emptier than you brain? Replaced the gray matter with your constant TV bullshit and old sayings that are disabling our world to gain the strenghth it needs to eradicate the like of you.

Chop their head off.
And let us live on. Make our awesome a better place. Give it the hope and light that it deserves.

Let us get the power back, people.

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