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4 juillet 2019 4 04 /07 /juillet /2019 16:13

20 years ago their first album came out but at that time I had no idea this kind of music existed... Then less than 10 years after I grew a strong appreciation to their music which I cherish enough to have seen them play live in Paris in 2012. I'm still fond of what they do, after all these years, letting their sounds whisper and shout to my ears. This music followed me on all my adventures... Great, happy, shitty and sad. If I were to decide who is my favourite artist, I perhaps wouldn't be thinking about them first, but they would be part of my top 5. They allowed me to develop some strong feelings towards many things, many activities, many people... I don't have many friends who truly appreciate this music but the rare few who are still have a place in my heart, whether we still speak or not anymore. I picked this song, "Magic Hours", out of the 7 from their first album called "How Strange, Innoncence" because I feel it represents very well the sort of music they have been creating for these past 20 years. The long ballad and the passionate music that grows, little by little, just as you let yourself dive deeply into an unknown dimension of yourself. Feeling that would surely get listening to another great piece in this album: "Time Stops", but I reserve that one to an old friend of mine, whether she reads this, or not. Anyhow, I'm glad to share this magic with you, it has worked wonders for me and still will.

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