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1 août 2019 4 01 /08 /août /2019 15:36

The road to the unknown.

You've taken it so many times... You've shaken your world more times than you have fingers on both your hands.
You moved across the world, reached the other Great Ocean. You walked, you discovered, you cherished all these moments. Further, closer. Here, there, everywhere.
You felt alive with all these changes. They moved you, they changed you, they shaped you.

It's still a hard climb. Up above the hills of your own self. The unknown, the undiscovered. The frightful thrill. The thrilling fear.
You get easily afraid, unsure. What if... What if all this isn't for me? What if I can't live up to what life is offering me? What if I suck? What if I screw things up?

No matter how often you take a road to the unknown, it's still something new and scary. No matter how well you're surrounded, people you love and who love you. You can only feel so much of it.
You stay the only master of your decisions and actions. You might still end up six feet under, again, and again, and again, down the spiral of your own doubts.

Doubts sometimes take over. They take over your confidence. The road to the unknown is full of doubts. You take a step back, breathe, shut yourself off from the world, whether intentionally or not. You seize what faith laid in front of you. You think. This hard climb is there. The hills are there. 

You'll never master the unknown, that's without a doubt.

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