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1 janvier 2020 3 01 /01 /janvier /2020 20:23

Finding your place.

Finding your routine, finding yourself.
A quest for self preservation.

Surround yourself with loved ones who can bring the support and love that you need.
Kind people who would keep a watchful eye on you. Make sure you're on the right path.
You don't lose yourself.

They're here, they're there. They're close, they're far. Sometimes very far. They keep you awake and alert. They shake you when you need shaking.
They bring you love and friendship. They bring you laughs and bullshit.

They sometimes don't realise that their words matter to you, whether kind, hurtful, or just a strong slap in the face.

So you're looking for your place. Society has a lot to offer. You're not lost but have a blurry vision. Some things have been messing with it lately.
Finding a purpose and a goal. Setting sail in that direction and wait for strong winds coming your way.
Get ready to take the opportunity.
Seize the day? Or go with the flow.

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