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12 décembre 2010 7 12 /12 /décembre /2010 15:56

Passion and tears.
Happiness and anger.

And again, you've lost your way, you're lost in time, behind space.

Always looking for the right compass to guide you into the wider sea
Your boat isn't sinking but the captain is drawning.

Look around and see the lighthouse of the nearest land.
Your eyes are weakened and the light is too far.
You are blind and hopeless.

Scream for help.
You've spent your life screaming.
You are mute and tired.

The next day you wake up
You're back in the real world
Ready to wipe your mind and forget everything.
Forget the failure, forget the past.

Not enough to concentrate and focus on anything
You're flabby and inhuman.

Good for the bin.




I channel the pain through this, the paper, the pen, your eyes.

To stare into what's next, it frightens me.

No control, no reward. 

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