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29 octobre 2012 1 29 /10 /octobre /2012 06:00

What's that sound buzzing through your ears?

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Have you ever felt that before?

When your entire mind, your entire self, your persona, became unfamiliar.

When you don't recognize yourself in the mirror.

When your actions do not match what you've always done.


Are you pleased? Are you afraid of what might happen next? Are you looking for a way out? Are you waiting for a particular event that might put things back to normal? Are you just living with what the day comes to offer?


A new beginning, a fresh start. The right time to make a change in your life. They will say this to you. They will encourage you to see the potential of that big moment.

They will tell you how much lucky you are. You will probably believe them, and you have every right to do so. (And who am I to tell you that, even...).


But who's in control? Who's mastering your every move? Are you? Does it matter really?


So what about that sound buzzing through your ears? Would you think it tries to tell you something? Would you look for a meaning in everything that surrounds you?


Or just get on with your life, however it is?

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