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23 février 2014 7 23 /02 /février /2014 07:16

Who controls what?

The power of the mind over the body. What an extraordinary thing!
Yes, there is such a thing that can help you take over. If it's not God, if it's not your beliefs, then it might be some science beyound our understanding.
What makes our brains function if not some electric shocks ? Electricity is power, isn't it ?

How do you calm down after a stressful episode ? People tend to either think about it: 'alright, stop and breathe'; some others would just leave the thoughts or the place and think about something else. In both cases, isn't that just a way of using your mind power ?
Yes it's pretty basic and might seem very straightforward to many people, but then, if you can relax, can't you just try to heal ? As it is, some weird Russian dude says you might even be able to cure your own cancer by changing your attitude towards it and toward your lifestyle more generally. I'd say that's a bit far fetched and to be honest, I haven't looked into it myself as I, unfortunately do not speak enough russian to understand his 'out-of-the-box' thinking. But in some ways, I do believe our minds are greater than we let them be.

Curing cancer ? Not so much for me, but why not healing some wounds ? They come in so many different forms, physically and mentally speaking. To cure mental wounds might seem to be the most plausible ones (psychiatrists are there to help you do that), I'd say why not a cut on your finger ? Power of words, power of thoughts ?! Electromagnetical power coming from your mind ? Strange... I'd say release of energy, some kind of enzyme or proteine or hormone. Mixing this kind of amount of oxygen plus this other sort of molecules in your body which I don't even know might exist... This might be the 'magic potion' of our minds.

It's all about weakness or power.

But then, why not control others ? Yes, there is such thing as the Stockholm syndrome. That is when a hostage becomes weirdly attached to their captors. Some captors are putting a lot of effort to control you, but controlling your mind is actually way more effective. How do they do that ? Soft talking, brainwashing... Make them feel weak and in need of you ?

Mind control. If you can control the mind, you can control the body ? Making people eat junk food every day and making them think it's actually a healty kind of food even though it is not really the case... (just like the american Underground...) Or promoting your product on TV-commercials every 30 mins...yes, people will know yours is better than any other... or is it ?

Terrible, terrible thing.

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